about me

I am a born and raised new yorker currently attending Cornell University in Ithaca, NY. I love all things food. After forming a slightly unhealthy obsession to food blogs, I finally decided to make my own! I hope you enjoy.

5 responses to “about me

  1. love love love can’t wait to see where it goes!

  2. This is an amazing blog!

  3. Jennifer White Karp

    Great recipes and gorgeous photography! Nice to see you and your family at Greenkill! Best of luck in your new endeavor! Can’t wait to try to the black bean brownies!
    Jennifer White Karp

  4. Edie, can’t wait to read your blog now!! I am just entering this blogging world, and I am very, very excited about fun.fit.foodie (thefunfitfoodie.wordpress.com). I might be in need of a tutorial…

  5. Kelsey Graeber

    Edie– super fun blog. Stumbled upon it while searching for images of Ithaca’s farmers market and saw your familiar face:) Can’t wait to try some of your recipes!

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